Laser machines are the newest innovations rising from the advancement of technology in Pakistan. They make operations more efficient and productive, simplifying the intricate production processes that take place in businesses.  Laser marking refers to a classification of methods, that leaves marks and alters the state of an object such as color change, foaming, melting and more.

Laser engraving is a manufacturing method which utilizes a laser beam to alter the surface of a material and create impressions. Laser cutting, on the other hand, involves sectioning a piece or cutting shapes into materials, such as metals, wood or plastics.


There are numerous benefits of laser engraving, marking and cutting, which revolutionize the production process for businesses in Pakistan. These include flexibility, precision, repeatability, speed, quality, versality and contactless cutting. Laser cutting does not need different tools for each cut and the same setup can cut and engrave on different shapes and materials with the same thickness. Laser cutting machines can work on a range of depths, due to the level of control it offers, and the desired depth can then be achieved to suit the user. Thus, it is highly efficient and can switch between different materials, completing more than one process together.

Laser engraving follows a non-contact method which means that the laser beam is not actually touching the selected material, leading to less abrasion damage which is usually left on objects. It also works on cylindrical workpieces and is more effective and quicker than traditional engraving methods, creating uniform results. Laser marking, on the other hand, is also a non-contact process but does not strip away any material from the surface. Instead, the target area is heated up, leading to a color change and a permanent mark.

laser cutting machines in pakistan


Laser engravers, markers and cutters can also be utilized on a variety of different materials such as metal, ceramic, plastic and glass, offering a highly cost-effective solution to meet your needs. There is a clear focus on quality, and laser machines offers concise prints, that can be easily read by both machines and humans. They ensure the best quality for both aesthetically appealing purposes and for the creation of traceability codes.


Not only do laser machines lead to superior quality products, but they also offer a high-quality environment to function in.  Since traditional engraving and cutting methods utilize harmful chemicals, laser technology seeks to eliminate those and offers workers a safe and healthy working environment and can be operated from a distance as they are used alongside computers. They are environmentally friendly and lead to minimum waste being produced, if any, in the form of particle dust. 

laser engraving machines in pakistan


Crest Makerspace is the sole leader of laser technology in Pakistan, and is now introducing Aeon and Trotec Laser, high-end international laser cutting, marking and engraving machine brands which aims to deliver the best results on a variety of materials.

laser marking machines in pakistan


Now, we will discuss two companies revolutionizing the laser marking landscape in Pakistan. Trotec laser, was founded in 1997 in Austria, is an internationally renowned laser cutting and engraving manufacturer under its parent company Trodat.

Trotec has reinvented the laser technology with the creation of Trotec Ruby, which has redefined laser software completely by making it entirely web based, offering innovation on every laser application. The “Speedy” is unique for being one of the fastest and most efficient laser technologies there is, making use of the “Flexx” technology which combines the fiber laser source with a CO2 laser.


Originating in China, AEON Laser offers the best laser cutting and engraving machines that are available in Pakistan. AEON prides itself in offering a sleek and modern framework, put together by a team with over 10 years of experience. Moreover, AEON laser machines are incredibly user friendly and operate with ease. The four main types of laser machines that AEON offers are the VEGA , MIRA, NOVA and the PULSAR series. They are equipped with the clean pack design to ensure that there is minimum waste produced and the AEON ProSMART ensures that the software ensures smooth running of the system and the table design can be adjusted according to your laser engraving and cutting needs. Moreover, the PULSAR laser machines are the best for gold and silver cutting for the jewelry industry. The New PULSAR Series offers a small and portable option with a life span greater than 100 hours.

So what are you waiting for? Avail the best benefits for your business now and find the right laser machine in Pakistan for you through our website.