Whether you are new to the laser machine or any customization industry, or a professional already in the business, purchasing your first (or next) equipment is a significant transaction. Even if it is very economical, it may be quite costly in terms of time and effort if you do not make the proper decision. This is a difficult (but harsh reality) to learn that a product’s price is not necessarily the greatest reflection of its true value or liability.

When starting a new business in Pakistan, you should ask yourself “Is there an interest in your area for products designed utilizing that specific procedure, and is the interest adequately enough to help a business?” With the help and direction of business experts, you get an understanding of what business are you getting into.

Let us have a look at the various industries available and in demand in Pakistan.

At Crest Makerspace, you will find all information regarding laser cutting machines, laser engraving machines & laser marking machines which are the best fit for your business in Pakistan!


focus shot of Trotec's laser head

Premium & Affordable Laser Machines

Laser engraving machines are a well-known alternative for customizing items in the industry. A laser works by creating detailed, exceptional beams of light. To make sure any engraving occurs, the laser beam disintegrates bits of the material, creating a totally new, customized product. A great advantage of having a laser engraving machine is the ability to engrave on various levels of thickness and to create an absolute mark on various materials. Apart from that, engraving is done through multiple scribing or cutting actions, so that when you look at your end result, you can feel the depth that’s been engraved. This provides both a personal appeal to appearance and durability.

If you still want more detail on which laser to start with, check our other blog on ‘Affordable Laser Engraving Machines in Pakistan For Your Business’!

How do Laser Engraving Machines work in Pakistan?

Engraving on materials is a complex process that cannot be performed by anyone, you need the right training and learning curve to follow when starting. As you do your research on various brands, you will come to see about the more technical side which includes the area, thickness it cuts, voltage, etc. that is a must know when dealing in the laser business in Pakistan.

Laser Engraving & its Many Uses for Businesses in Pakistan!

With a laser engraving machine, you can cut, check and design on an endless supply of materials and items. From signage’s and key chains, to wedding invitations, bringing a laser engraving machine in-house can be a rewarding business move. There is a long list of materials that can be worked upon, below listed are some of the most trending and in demand:

Laser Cutting & its Many Applications in Pakistan

Laser cutting machines can be utilized to cut exact, to the point shapes out of sheets of materials including everything from acrylics to textures. With the exactness of laser cutting methods available, you’ll have a neat and tidy, clean edge for each result.

Recommended Machines for Laser Cutting & Laser Engraving in Pakistan!

Affordable Laser Machines: AEON NOVA & MIRA SERIES

With the help of Aeon’s Nova series, now create and design whatever you had in mind in an affordable and efficient manner.

The ideal and affordable laser machines in Pakistan to kick start your laser business in Pakistan – Aeon Laser Machines. Aeon’s Nova & Mira Series are amongst the best and most affordable laser cutting machines in Pakistan. With the Nova Series built to keep area and space in mind, convenience is best! The Series comprises the NOVA 7, 10, 14 & 16, and MIRA 5, 7, & 9.

Aeon laser engraver in action

With the assistance of Aeon’s Nova & Mira series arrangement, design whatever you want in a reasonable and productive outcome.


Premium Laser Machines in Pakistan: Trotec Speedy & SP Series

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There are numerous functions within Trotec’s Premium Laser Machines, which include work on a wide scope of materials, including various shapes and sizes. Laser engraving and cutting machines in Pakistan are utilized in various applications in an expansive scope of enterprises like the semiconductor business, aeronautic trade, car industry, gadgets industry and clinical industry.

The new Ruby laser software guarantees the laser experience to be simpler and more profitable. It is digital to the core and revolutionizes laser technology. It allows multiple lasers and an infinite amount of uses to be connected within a single web-based platform.


Choosing any machine for your business is not something you can decide in one day. Research, the right mindset and funds are essential when initiating or incorporating a laser machine business in Pakistan. Get in touch with a representative today at hello@crestmakerspace.pk or call our sales representative at 03000990142 for more information.