Crest Makerspace is the largest platform in Pakistan to find the highest quality laser machines and UV printers. Our products include renowned brands such as Aeon laser machines, Trotec laser machines and Ntek Printers. Find the right laser engraver, cutter or UV Printer for you when using our wide variety of options available!


Laser cutting and laser engraving machines are much more useful devices than you might think. They are used in a variety of different manufacturing industries in Pakistan, using processes such as laser engraving and laser cutting. Laser cutting does not require an exchange of tools for each separate cut. The same setup is suitable for cutting different shapes within the identical material thickness. Laser engraving is a non-contact process, this implies that the shaft isn’t physically touching the material that it’s being applied to, instead being dependent on heat to achieve the required results.

The advantages of laser cutting machines and laser engraving machines are flexibility, precision, repeatability, speed, cost-effectiveness, great quality, contactless cutting, and versatility along with multiple automation possibilities. We provide you with direct access to Aeon and Trotec Laser Machines, promising the highest quality results and laser printing quality.


Aeon Machines

One of the best laser technologies available in Pakistan is Aeon, which is the professional manufacturer and exporter of CO2 Laser Engraving Machines, Laser Marking Machines, Laser Cutting Machines and other relevant laser equipment which owns the registered Trademark of “Pomelo Laser ®” and “Aeon Laser ®” brand in China. Aeon Laser Technology machines have acquired the European CE and American FCA certification. It includes the Vega Series, Mira Series, Nova Series, and the Pulsar Series; all the machines provide ease-of-use and affordability to its users. A few other features include the user- friendliness and use of the Clean Pack Technology.


trotec laser engraver

Trotec is regarded as a “first class laser system solution for many materials” and is one of the best, high-end laser engraving and laser cutting machines in Pakistan.  Trotec engages in multiple quality testing and has production sights in Austria, Germany and the US. Trotec thrives on values of innovation, quality, design, responsibility, flexibility and customer orientation. Trotec is known for developing Flexx technology, a reliable laser system with long service life, with features including Opti-Motion, JobControl Vision, Sonar Technology & In-Pack Technology, one of the fastest and most productive laser machine technology on the market.


Ntek Printer in Pakistan
Ntek UV Printers have been professionally manufacturing UV Printers over the past 12 years, with extremely high production capacities, by using processing plants covering 17,000 sq metres, producing in various industries such as glass, stone, plastic, textile, and more! Originating from China, Ntek UV Printers have made their own mark on the digital UV printing sphere, providing high quality prints on different materials such as wood, ceramic, MDF, metal acrylic and so on, at low prices. Ntek UV Printers offers a variety of different affordable UV flatbed printers in Pakistan, differing in their formats to suit different purposes.

Our UV flatbed inkjet printers come in various sizes such as large format ones, for example our Ntek 2030 Machine which is measured at 2000mm *3000mm ,or small format UV flatbed machines such as the Ntek 6090 at 900*600mm. We pride ourselves in having gained the trust of customers and business worldwide, and providing convenience and superior finishing results using vibrant colors, used for advertising, decoration and customizable furnishing.  We offer different configurations to meet high speed, 3D printing, easy operation and low maintenance needs. Ntek takes pride in now revolutionising the digital printing industry in Pakistan, with the help of our exceptional outreach team.

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Crest Makerspace allows you to choose from only the best UV Printing and laser machines, guaranteed to improve efficiency and simplify processes. Get the right laser and digital printing machine suited to your needs now at Crest Makerspace.