The most affordable laser engraving machines in Pakistan for your business! Crest Makerspace introduces Aeon Laser Machines in Pakistan, the most affordable laser machines which provides services such as laser engraving, laser marking and laser cutting. Aeon’s laser engraving machine is your go-to laser machine choice to create customized products, in your own personal space and suitable for various applications. Talking about laser applications, we have a separate blog for creative laser engraving samples and industry applications that is a must read.

Laser Engraving Machines for Your Business!

2021 has truly been a year of many hardships and surprises for the global economy, and has hit Pakistan especially hard. For various businesses, thinking of new ventures and prospects is not some small investment, especially related to the laser engraving business. But, one thing is sure, a laser engraving business will completely revolutionize the business you are in. Whether you make a lab and have innovative creations done, you will be creating wonder and detailed art. According to a ‘Makerspace’, you can have individuals come over and create something. The best part, you get to watch the whole process of the magic happening. The possibilities are unimaginable.

laser engraving machines in pakistan

Get Started with Affordable Laser Engraving Machines in Pakistan!

A large reason to the fame and preference by business owners is due to the non-contact process between the laser machine and end application. The ease of just completing the whole task without actually touching the material is a relief, due to the laser beam, extremely accurate in even the most intricate details. This process makes sure that the end result, the material does not get damaged and continues to provide top quality cuts which require little to none cleaning.

Aeon Laser Engraving machines, regardless of which you choose from their large series of NOVA, VEGA, PULSAR & MIRA provide the comfort of saving time, money and energy. These laser engraving machines are more precise and offer more functionality at an affordable cost.

Why You Should Choose Aeon Laser Engravers?

Aeon laser engraving machines truly rise to occasion and aim to provide only the best at quality results, along with a warranty. Depending on your nature of business, and materials you want to laser engrave on, here are 3 ideal choices for laser engraving machines in Pakistan:

affordable laser cutter, marking and engraver

Aeons Mira Series

Amongst the top in AEON’s laser series is the MIRA. When choosing a laser machine in Pakistan, only select the best. Aeon’s MIRA series comprises of the Mira 5, 7 & 9.

This laser machine has various features which include the exhaust fan, honeycomb table, a water cooling system and so much more!

Aeon’s Mira series has been built after doing comprehensive research within both international and local markets, keeping in mind precise engraving, durability and fast speed that a business requires.

Aeons Nova Series

Choose the best, choose the NOVA Series. An affordable laser cutting and engraving machine, now in Pakistan! The Nova Series is best in not taking up much space, and can be broken down into further two sections to fit through tight areas. Aeon’s NOVA series comprises of the Nova 7, 10, 14 & 16.

Standing tall as the ideal laser engraving and cutting machine in Pakistan, the NOVA Series is truly the best selection for your business. For the creation of the Nova series, the designer put more focus on the speed of the machine, proving to be among the best laser cutting machines in Pakistan.

Aeons Vega Series

The VEGA Series  has been designed in mind to keep a strong structure to ensure efficiency at place. The laser cutting and engraving machines are the highest in standard, with features including a machine body which is fully enclosed with a lock on every window. Aeon’s VEGA series comprises of the Vega 13, 15 & 16.


If you are new to the laser business in Pakistan, or looking to expand your exiting business to something more profitable, Aeon’s laser engraving machines may be the perfect fit for you!