Engrave precisely on glass with Trotec Laser engraving and marking machine



With Laser Machines in Pakistan, now produce a great matte finishing effect. Etch extremely fine and detailed on glass, be it logos or letters. Make customized gifts and add a personal touch to corporate events to make them memorable.

Glass Types Suitable for Processing with a Glass Engraving Laser

  • Crystal Glass
  • Mirror Glass
  • Window Glass
  • Mirrors Conical and Round Glass
  • Drinking Glasses, Wine Glasses
  • Bottles
  • Container Glass
  • Cast Glass
  • Pressed Glass
  • Float Glass
  • Sheet Glass

Function and Advantages of Laser Technology

No Tool Wear
  • Laser beams will not wear over time from material processing
  • There is no need to replace old tools, like classic engraving techniques

Advantages of a laser

  • CeramiCore laser sources have a particularly long service life
No Dust Exposure
  • The surface of the glass is heated with the laser beam, removing extremely fine glass particles. No residual blasting agents are required with laser engraving

Advantages of a laser

  • Laser exhaust systems filter and remove the resulting gases, dust, and particles while the machine is the engraving
Amazing Engraving Results in Record Time
  • There is no need to use a template, which is typical for sandblasting glass
  • Simply work with your preferred graphics program and send a completed design to the laser using the ‘print’ command on your PC or Mac
  • Machines can easily be adapted for single projects as well as series productions

Advantages of a laser

  • JobControl® laser software: Simply, efficient, intuitive
  • Laser product and system range is the largest worldwide, and our machines have the greatest freedom and flexibility
Fine & Accurately Contoured Details
  • Laser etching logos, text, and photographs are easy

Advantages of a laser

  • Ideal optics and optimal beam performance
Non-Contact Processing
  • Cracking and breaking due to rough mechanical impact is eliminated

Advantages of a laser

  • A rotary engraving attachment means you can engrave across the entire circumference of a round object. They are available in all sizes

Trotec Product Recommendation

Speedy Series

The multi-useful table idea permits the ideal table to be chosen and effectively exchanged relying upon your application.

Q Series

The innovative Trotec motion planning OptiMotionTM motion control. Cutting speed and acceleration are automatically calculated and optimized in real time based on the geometry. 


Aeon Product Recommendation

Nova Series

The Nova series is the best, affordable laser machine cutter and engraver in Pakistan! It does not occupy unnecessary space. 

Vega Series

Aeon’s Vega Series is a commercial laser engraving and cutting machine available in Pakistan. The VEGA Machine was built to mainly satisfy those individuals who would like to cut a certain amount of thickness of flat materials.