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Save time when laser engraving rubber stamps with the best laser machines in Pakistan.



Laser engrave rubber stamps in Pakistan!

Pakistan’s rubber stamp industry can now use the best laser machines to manufacture rubber stamps of high quality and long durability. With the help of a laser machine, time is saved significantly and text plate engraving productivity increases.

Rubber stamp production with laser engraving – always an advantage!

Materials Suitable for Laser Marking

  • Laser Rubber
  • Natural Rubber
  • Synthetic Rubber
  • Microporous Laser Foam
  • Oil Resistant Laser Rubber
  • Silicone Rubber
  • Foam Rubber
  • Odorless Rubber

Function and Advantages of Laser Technology

High Quality Components
  • Laser systems are specifically designed for intensive use over many years. So ultimately, we will only ever use components of the highest possible quality. We source our parts from our own, leading production manufacturers, ensuring reliability, and consistently high-quality.
Time & Cost
  • With our Job Time Calculator, you can estimate the anticipated engraving and cutting times prior to starting the machine! This clearly makes production planning and price-evaluating a lot easier for you and your team. Additionally, Laser software records all the jobs you have completed – so the post-calculations are also very simple

Matching Systems
  • At Lasers, all our components perfectly match one another. Laser engraver = laser rubber = exhaust system. You can even make your selection from a wide range of different laser systems, all designed for rubber stamp production and tailored to your specific requirements. Additionally, Trodat offers rubber stamps for a wide range of applications and intentions.

Optimal Laser Machines
  • Laser systems are perfectly designed for laser engraving rubber stamps. Thanks to our intelligent and innovative InPack TechnologyTM, all flatbed laser systems are designed to prevent dust from damaging its components, including optics, mechanics, and electronics – low-maintenance operation and a long lifetime is guaranteed with a laser engraving machine.

Trotec Product Recommendation

Speedy Series

The multi-useful table idea permits the ideal table to be chosen and effectively exchanged relying upon your application.

Aeon Product Recommendation

Mira Series

 Offering full functionality, sleek design, and a sensible price it’s the world’s most desirable desktop laser engraving machine. Available in Glass, Metal, or Ceramic tube options.