Mark and engrave Textile in Pakistan, in a variety of ways!



Laser machines in Pakistan cut quickly and efficiently on a variety of textiles of various sizes. Achieve the best, high-quality finished effect with the best laser machines in Pakistan. Engrave felt, cut detailed shapes of various materials, and much more! Our laser machines in Pakistan offer the best design possibilities.

Textile types Suitable for Laser Processing

  • Cotton
  • Felt
  • Silk
  • Linen
  • Lace
  • Polyester
  • Fleece
  • Softshell
  • Jeans
  • Alcantara

Function and Advantages of Laser Technology

Perfectly Sealed Edges When Laser Cutting
  • No fraying or seams
  • Post-processing is not required

Advantages of a laser

  • Laser engraving machines have a high-quality axis drive and a very intelligent air-flow route
Accurate Contour Cutting
  • Accurately cuts printed materials, including flags and banners
  • There is no need for positioning and re-positioning as you go. All distortions in the printed design are adjusted by the machine automatically

Advantages of a laser

  • JobControl™ Vision camera system, for cutting printed materials perfectly every time
Productive Processing
  • Laser cutting fabrics is much quicker and more efficient than cutting with a knife.
  • Contactless production – there will never be any resistance on the material
Non-Contact Processing
  • No need to waste time fixing the material to the machine, which is common when knife cutting
  • The material will not warp or shift as you go

Advantages of a laser

  • Multifunctional table concept for simple, easy handling
Simple, High Quality Manufacturing
  • Designs are created in your preferred graphics program and sent to the laser using the ‘print’ command
  • High-quality processing with tactile effects – this usually can’t be achieved through simple textile printing

Advantages of a laser

  • JobControl® laser software: Simple, efficient, and intuitive.
One Tool For All Shapes
  • You don’t need to consider the diameter of your tools prior to and during laser processing
  • Depending on the lens used, the laser beam is only about 0.1mm wide

Advantages of a laser

  • Ideal optics and optimal beam performance
No Tool Wear
  • The laser beam will not wear over time from material processing
  • No costs for new tools, which are common with milling cutters

Advantages of a laser

  • CeramiCore laser technology has a particularly long service life

Trotec Product Recommendation

Speedy Series

The multi-useful table idea permits the ideal table to be chosen and effectively exchanged relying upon your application.

SP Series

The SP Series is the ideal option for large format CO₂ laser cutting machines. These flatbed laser plotters are best-suited for challenging cutting applications in plastics, wood, textiles, and many more.

Aeon Product Recommendation

Nova Series

The Nova series is the best, affordable laser machine cutter and engraver in Pakistan! It does not occupy unnecessary space.