Whether you want to print on full-sheets of plywood or you need to add custom graphics to wooden coasters and small signs, Azon printers in Pakistan has a machine to fit your application needs. AZON PRINTERS PAKISTAN enable users to print directly onto pre-manufactured wooden boards with large-format UV flatbeds, print directly onto small wooden items with desktop UV flatbeds, or wrap wooden items with vinyl graphics using inkjet technology. AZON PRINTERS technology makes printing on wood applications easy.

Customization of Wood Objects

  • Tabletops
  • Display Items Products
  • Decor Pieces
  • Instruments
  • Artworks

Azon Product Recommendation

Matrix UV Series

The full-featured Azon RIP software is providing various benefits, features, add-ons, and tools such as changing and fading the number of used nozzles, printing up to 5 layers in inline mode depending on resolution. 

Matrix UNI Series

In UV printing, the ink spot is left sitting on top of the machine, since UV inks dry promptly when presented to UV light.