Added value for printed materials: Generate higher profit margins by using laser finishing.

The use of laser cutting or engraving improves the quality as well as selling prices of products such as business cards, brochures, packaging, or labels. Individual laser cutting of names and ultra-sophisticated ornaments, make you unique and stand out from the competition.

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With a flat pile feeder, automatic paper route and sheet stacker, the GS Series is an automated solution. It promises maximum process reliability and high cutting quality. In order to avoid failure due to jamming, the feeder and paper route are fitted, among other things, with ultrasonic sensors. The paper is protected only laterally by brackets in the patent-pending “free-floating” laser cutting process and therefore lasered free-floating, which is considered distinctive in the industry. The sheet stacker guarantees that even delicately cut paper items are carefully stacked and without jamming.

Laser workstation for numerous applications

Due to the CO2 laser and sizeable working area of up to 500 × 500 mm, a variety of materials, such as acrylic, paper, cardboard, textiles, fleece, wood, MDF, polystyrene, or foam can be cut or engraved. Hence, the GS1000 is useful for second-by-second laser cutting and engraving of different materials.

It can reach up to 50 times the speed of flatbed systems- dependent on the respective application. Furthermore, the GS1000 is accompanied by greater focus tolerance, and hence minor flaws will not alter the effectiveness of the engraving. The Galvo laser has the advantage of a higher speed, compared to flatbed lasers, when cutting thin materials such as films.

Add Extra Value

The GS1200 is a Class 2 laser fully automated closed cabinet system, available with a flat pile feeder, automated paper path, and sheet stacker.

Printed laser cutting products are an ideal way to not only help your products stand out from rivals but also add extra value to your products. Processing printed products by laser cutting are an extremely efficient option, allowing you to save time and money during production. The GS1200 can process a range of applications, including engraving logos, individual cutting of names, and highly sophisticated ornaments.

High-End Laser Machines in Pakistan

High Quality Laser Machines in Pakistan

The GS series allows the construction of products that would be impossible without a laser system. Added services such as register-accurate contour cutting, finest geometries of engraving, or perforation of printed materials can increase your scope, and hence short runs generate high profits.